This Adorable Pup's First Day Home Is Filled With Love And Happiness! - A Dog's Love

This Adorable Pup’s First Day Home Is Filled With Love And Happiness!

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Because of how important their lifelong jobs will be, training a service pup is no easy task. It’s something that starts with – as is the case always in breeding – checking out the credentials of the sire and dam.

After the litter is out into the world, it’s time to see just what these pups can do!

These Golden Retriever puppies are with the New Horizons Service Dogs – a service dedicated to training service pups for all sorts of people who need them! In this particular case, this Mom and Dad are looking to pick a puppy that won’t just be their lifelong companion, but also a great help!

Most people will rely on professionals to train their service pups, but luckily this Mom is also a trainer – so she can bring her beloved Theodore back home and train him herself! Of course, he won’t be able to truly help her until he’s about 2 years old – but training for this sort of thing must always start as soon as possible!

Feature Image Source: Raising In Orlando

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