This Adorable Pup’s First Steps In A Dog Wheelchair Will Warm Your Heart!

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Medical advances have allowed doctors to save the lives of countless people (children and adults). We are researching the cures of diseases like cancer, HIV, and more.

We also have learned how to help those who have been disabled through accident or birth defect. Some people can now walk with the assistance of a prosthesis. Dogs and cats have benefited from this technology as well. No longer are disabled animals euthanized when a defect is found! Someone out there may be more than willing to help them thrive!

In this video, we see A Yellow Labrador retriever named Luke take his first steps in a Dog wheelchair! You can tell he is a little shaky, but his legs are doing all the right things! It won’t be long before he is running around as a dog should! Visit for more information about wheelchairs for dogs.

Feature Image Source: HandicappedPets .com

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