This Adorable Pup's First Time At A Drive-Thru Car Wash Is Nothing But Memorable! - A Dog's Love

This Adorable Pup’s First Time At A Drive-Thru Car Wash Is Nothing But Memorable!

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It is inevitable – everything has to be cleaned at some point, including our cars! Even if all you do with your car is to just keep it in the garage, it will still gather a thin layer of dust – and that is assuming you are privileged enough to have a car kept purely for viewing in the first place!

This Mom doesn’t really have the time or energy to wash her car, so she is just heading out to the nearest drive-through car wash instead. And this time, she has decided to take along Percy, her inquisitive Labrador Retriever! He hasn’t been to a drive-through car wash before, you see – maybe he will find this experience fascinating?

Mom watches her pup’s reaction with glee – just how will he respond to this strange new experience? As it turns out, he is completely enraptured with the process. Just what is going on? He knows he is safe and sound inside the car, so he can focus entirely on being curious!

Feature Image Source: Percy The Labrador

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