This Adorable Pup's Floppy Ears Are Definitely Going To Melt Your Heart! - A Dog's Love

This Adorable Pup’s Floppy Ears Are Definitely Going To Melt Your Heart!

5 Signs Your Dog Needs a Probiotic

There are all sorts of odd treats that dogs enjoy. As long as they’re safe for pups, there’s no reason not to indulge these tastes in moderation!

Take this German shepherd pup, for example. His favorite treat is parsley – yes, the herb! As this puppy tries to eat the yummy greens, his ears flop up and down in an adorable and almost comical way! It’s a surefire way to put a smile on anyone’s face. He looks so happy eating his unusual yet tasty snack!

Parsley is actually pretty great for dogs! It’s a fantastic source of vitamin K and contains good doses of vitamin A, vitamin C, and iron. It’s known to freshen breath and has even been proven to help dogs with arthritis, urinary tract disorders, and even to prevent and treat cancer!

If you’d like to give your pup parsley, go for it! You can give fresh, dried, and even tea varieties of parsley to your pup, as long as you’re not giving them the seeds. Everything in moderation, as always!

Feature Image Source: GsdAdventures

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