This Adorable Pup’s Got Some Brand New Toys! Watch Her Play With Them!

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Daisy Ridley was introduced to the world in the movie, The Force Awakens, a Star Wars sequel. Of course, the real star and hero of that move was the android, BB-8!

Uva, the chocolate lab, is about to encounter BB-8 and a porg. Uva’s dad, Filipe Castro Matos, shot this heart-warming video from his home in Lisbon. At first, Uva isn’t quite sure what to make of the round robot, but once it starts rolling around the floor, she knows what to do!

Watch as Uva chases BB-8 around. BB-8’s head falls off, but that is okay, Uva still loves her new toy! The porg is less interesting to Uva, who prefers the fast-moving BB-8. Besides, one touch of the nose and the porg is down! All Uva needs to learn is how to play with less force so BB-8 can keep his head on!

Feature Image Source: ViralVideoUK

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