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This Adorable Pup’s Journey From 8 Weeks To 1 Year Is Totally Mesmerizing!

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How does it feel like, raising a puppy you love and care about with all your heart? There’s something wonderful about seeing your puppy grow up to be a happy and healthy pup – especially since it means you’re doing pretty well in caring for them!

It’s just a shame that they grow up so fast – it would be nice to enjoy their puppyhood for a little while longer.

Maybe that’s why these parents decided to record videos and pictures of Alfie the Labrador Retriever’s growth. It will certainly be nice for the family to look back on this video-based photo album when they want to reminisce about Alfie’s first year in the future!

This particular video covers the first year of Alfie’s life, from the moment he was brought back home at 8 weeks old, to a fully-grown pup one year later! (Don’t worry, he still has plenty of growing to do – this pup isn’t quite done with maturing just yet!)

Feature Image Source: EllieK

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