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This Adorable Pup’s Reaction Is Priceless When He Realizes He’s At The Vet!

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It is a well-known fact that just about every pup isn’t a fan of going to the vet! Maybe it is the memories associated with the place (after all, when has a vet visit ever been a pleasant experience for a pup?), or that the clinic smells too sterile for a pup.

Maybe a pup can detect the scents left behind by other animals in distress, and that makes them worried too!

Whatever the reason, Zeus the incredibly fluffy German Shepherd just does not want to be here. After struggling to get his pup through the front door, Dad has to resort to lifting this big puppy up and carry him into the clinic himself.

Inside the clinic, he sets this pup down beside one of the chairs in the waiting lounge. You can see that this poor puppy is incredibly nervous, and just wants out! Alas, this vet visit is for his own good, so he isn’t allowed to leave.

Feature Image Source: DogLove 24

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