This Adorable Pup's Reaction Meeting Dad After A Week Is Gold! - A Dog's Love

This Adorable Pup’s Reaction Meeting Dad After A Week Is Gold!

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Unfortunately for all of us, we can’t spend all of our time being with our beloved pups. Obligations like work, family, and friends keep us away from our pups for far longer than we would like! So when we finally can come back home to our beloved pups, it is time for excitement!

This Dad has been away for a week, which can feel like a really long time for anyone who misses someone they love! So when Dad finally reaches back home, this Golden Retriever pup is super excited to greet him! As soon as the door opens, this pup is leaping in, and can’t stay still! He is just too excited!

It is adorable to see just how strong the bond between the two of them is, to the point that a week apart feels like an eternity to these two. Just look at how this pup is practically bursting with excitement!


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