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This Adorable Pup’s Reaction When He Visits The Vet Is Hilarious!

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Most pups absolutely hate the vet. But when you’re a dog as optimistic, positive, and excitable as Endo, “hate” just isn’t a word in your vocabulary!

Endo can rarely ever be seen sitting still. He spends a lot of his life jumping up and down, and he’s gotten so good at his leaps that he’s able to get impressively high into the air – making her the subject of many an adorable photobomb!

Martha Tissot van Patot

Amazingly, Enzo is so happy about being alive that his wagging tail and jumping feet don’t even stop during potentially nerve-wracking situations. That’s why it was so cute to see the pup and what he was doing when he took a trip to the Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital after getting a foxtail plant lodged in his poor ear.

Martha Tissot van Patot

Most pups would cower and be nervous, but not Endo. While his Mom, Martha Tissot van Patot, was busy discussing Endo’s appointment to the staff member behind the counter, Endo just couldn’t stand being left out of the conversation. So he leapt repeatedly into the air, refusing to stop bouncing!

It was not long before the staff member in question starts to laugh and the pup’s adorable good spirits. It’s definitely not the first time Endo has been so unusually happy in different situations. To him, it’s never a bad time to start jumping, so he does so constantly throughout the day!


Interestingly, Endo’s Mom’s work is surprisingly apt. She is a researcher and buries herself in discovering the truth behind high altitudes and their relationship with bodily health. Maybe Endo has learned from some of his Mom’s research, and is putting it all into practice!

Feature Image Source: Martha Tissot van Patot

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