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This Adorable Pup’s Reaction When No One’s Free To Play Is Just Too Cute!

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No one ever likes being ignored. It is the worst sensation – especially when you are a puppy being surrounded by people who really should be giving you the attention you are demanding of them!

What could possibly be more important than you, an adorable puppy? You are the most important thing they will ever deal with!

This Beagle puppy named Kivi is cute and irresistible – and she knows it! So when she decides it is time to play, people will hop to attention and serve her every whim and desire, right? She certainly thought so – until she realises that no one is paying her any attention!

This won’t do! She starts whining and barking, trying to get the attention of her parents. Maybe if she throws a big enough tantrum, they will finally pay her enough attention and play with her! It doesn’t seem to be working, however. She just looks too cute when she is throwing a tantrum!

Feature Image Source: Jaipur_dog_shop

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