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This Adorable Pup’s Slo-Mo Is Going To Drop Your Jaw!

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Pups do like chasing things! Being predators, they are drawn to movement, and to chasing after things smaller than them. These days, it isn’t so apparent with just how small some pup breeds are compared to their wolfish ancestors.

That, however, doesn’t mean that this urge has gone completely away!

This Dachshund puppy, just like any other energetic puppy of his age, certainly loves chasing balls. In fact, he is so excited about it, he practically flies down the stone steps of the garden when Dad throws the ball in an underhand swing. Just look at this pup sail over the stone steps!

When replayed in slow motion, you can see that despite appearances, he doesn’t actually fly. Rather, he skips two smaller steps and lands on the third step (which is the biggest platform) before bouncing off that one and over two more steps! Amazing what a pup can do when they put their mind to it.

Feature Image Source: Jules de Millo

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