This Dog Has A Habit Of Holding Hands With Anyone Who Passes By! (Part 2) - A Dog's Love

This Dog Has A Habit Of Holding Hands With Anyone Who Passes By! (Part 2)

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Here’s Part 1 of this story, in case you missed it! The actions of Speck are so adorable you simply cannot help but want to love him.

He sticks his head through his cage and looks at you with puppy eyes, he loves interacting with people and letting visitors scratch his tummy or head, and he never allows anybody to go by ungreeted.

Speck did so much more for the shelter then provide compassion and entertainment for its visitors. Once his videos went viral on social media platforms, people started donating food, dog gear, and other equipment to the shelter to show their love and support. This was a tremendous relief for the shelter, as they are a non-profit organization dependant on support from the community. A short while later the shelter received a phone call from a man farm wanting to adopt Speck. Speck now lives with Mike on his farm with all the space in the world to run around and play freely!

The remarkable story of Speck is a reminder that the love, kindness, and compassion we show will always reap its rewards in due time. Speck had no other motive but to simply be a bundle of energy overflowing with love. Shelter dogs are often forgotten or assumed to be problem dogs, but what Speck has shown us is that assumptions are most certainly not facts!

Shelter dogs did not choose to be put into a shelter, and maybe this story is a lesson for all of us to give our animals the time of day to see what we love we might have been missing out on all along.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

Images Source: Desiray Miracle-Wilder

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