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This Dog’s Love for the Beach is Infectious!

There are two types of dogs. Those that love water and those that don’t. Mia is the former. Her favorite hobbies are swimming and playing with sand on the beach.

She was 5 months old when she first saw the vast expanse of the ocean and she had never again seen anything as beautiful in her life. Well except Yia Lok, her mom, who takes her to the beach at least once a week during the summertime. But that has never been enough for Mia. Especially since their house is around the beach area.

If she could have her way, she would spend all her waking hours down by the beach taking in the salty breeze and playing with shells. And she makes this abundantly clear to Yia every time they go for a walk. Mia knows which road leads to the beach and when they get there, she always stops walking and stands her ground.

In the video uploaded on Instagram by Yia, you can see Mia longingly look at the road that leads to the beach and then back to her mother hoping that she will convince her mom to take her to the beach.

“She knows the way by heart. She also knows that if she keeps heading north, she will eventually get to the beach which is why she always stops in her tracks and pulls me when we are heading in the opposite direction of the beach!” Yia Lok says. Mia can be quite hard on her resolve and so her mom sometimes resorts to using treats to distract her from the beach. You should see Mia on the days that they are going to the beach. Her excitement and joy are tangible.

It’s safe to assume that she found her true love.

Feature Image Source: Instagram

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