This Hilarious Sleep Time Lapse Is Definitely Going To Make You Laugh!

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In September 2017, Time magazine published an article about the benefits of sleeping with your dog. Even though they reported that people who sleep with their dogs have a lower sleep efficiency.

The Mayo Clinic actually did a study on people sleeping with human or dogs in bed and found that most people found that sleeping with a dog in the room (whether on the bed or not) was comforting. The time-lapse video below features Bruno, a beagle, and his mom and dad.

Bruno was only eight-weeks-old when the video was taken, and his parents said he was too cute and couldn’t say no to him. They report that Bruno has grown and is now sleeping under the blankets and on their heads! Sometimes the dog even pushes them out off the bed! Might be time to get Bruno his own bed so you can get a better nights sleep!

Feature Image Source: ViralHog

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