This Pup Absolutely Refuses To Leave His Mama Alone! - A Dog's Love

This Pup Absolutely Refuses To Leave His Mama Alone!

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Our dogs love to be by our side, that is undeniable, and most of us wouldn’t have it any other way! Ever go to the mailbox and hear you dog issue complaints from inside the house?!

They would have loved to come with you! When you come back in the house, they greet you as if you have been gone for hours! When you are home, you probably have your dog underfoot as you walk around the house (unless you are vacuuming!). You have a four-legged shadow!

In this video, Shadow, the German Shepherd does not want to let his mom get out of sight! They try and tell Shadow to sit and stay at the bottom of the stairs, but there is no way Shadow is letting them go! The whole thing almost turns into a game! Shadow wins! He gets up to the top of the stairs!

Feature Image Source: Tripwire

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