This Pup Has A Lot To Say And We Probably Know Why! Check This Out!

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Our children complain when they are not getting what they want. Sometimes, their complaints are warranted, but other times they are not!

A child who complains that they are not getting enough cookies can be ignored! But, if your child is hungry, they should be given some food! So, it is easy to tell when you have to respond to complaints and when you don’t. It may not be so easy when you watch this video. The poor German Shepherd is whining some form of complaint.

It is clear they are in the car, so maybe the dog is car sick. Of course, the dog could also be complaining about having to sit in the back seat! Watching the dog’s eyes as you watch the video is telling! He is looking from person to person hoping someone will respond to his whining! Hopefully, this is a short ride for the big guy!

Feature Image Source: ellabella

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