This Pup Is About To Get The Biggest Surprise Of His Life And You’ll Love It Too!

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Soldiers who get deployed overseas leave behind their lives and families. Often times the deployments last months.

It is hard for all the member of the family to deal with the separation and the uncertainty of when their loved one will come home. Dogs and cats can experience the same sadness when a loved one is deployed – but it is not possible to explain the situation to them. We have all seen how happy some dogs are to see their loved ones come back from a tour of duty.

In this video, the German shepherd is playing fetch when he is surprised to see his dad come back home! The video also features other homecomings – with pets and without. The raw emotion is what makes these videos so powerful. We owe the freedom we enjoy to the brave men and women in the armed forces. Grab a tissue and prepare to cry tears of joy!

Feature Image Source: My Heros

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