This Pup Is ‘Frozen’ And The Reason Why Is Going To Make You Laugh!

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Dogs and cats don’t often get along. Many families who have both dogs and cats will tell you that it is possible for a dog and a cat to peacefully coexist!

We have seen pictures of cats cuddling with dogs and dogs having fun playing with cats. But, there are dogs and cats who don’t get along. Let’s face it, some cats can be jerks! Ellie, the Irish Setter/golden retriever mix in this video is out on a walk when she spots a cat. Ellie, true to her breed freezes and puts one paw up in the air!

She doesn’t flinch as she glares at the cat. Ellie’s dad tries to get Ellies to start walking again, but Ellie remains frozen in place! It isn’t often that Ellie will point at an animal while they are out walking. Ellie’s dad said they stood there for about three minutes before Ellie moved again!

Feature Image Source: Caters_News

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