This Pup Loves To Go Out For A Walk, But Not Without Her Favorite Toy!

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Dogs love to go on walks. As they walk around the neighborhood, they often stop to smell every mailbox or driveway to see if any other canine or other animal has ‘visited.’

Most dogs are happy just to go on a walk. Abby, the black Labrador in this video, doesn’t go for a walk unless she has her stuffed, yellow duck with her! We all had that one toy we couldn’t leave at home if we went out – right?! According to her parents, when Abby hears the leash coming out, she makes a dash for her duck, and then heads to the door!

With the duck in her mouth, she has less time to stop and check the different smells that have been left by other animals touring the neighborhood. Who knows, maybe the duck likes to go on walks too! Who doesn’t enjoy some fresh air?

Feature Image Source: butterflynurse

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