This Pup No Longer Has To Worry About Someone Helping Him Open Doors!

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Our dogs can be trained to open the door, turn off the lights, and even get the newspaper! They are quite capable of learning a variety of things.

Some of the things they learn we teach them to do – on purpose. Most of us teach them the basics, like to sit, stay, and come. Other people train their dogs to get the dishes out of the dishwasher and put things in the trash. Teaching your dog tricks or skills is never a bad thing! Some of the things our dogs learn, they learn on their own.

Just like children, they can learn habits (good and bad) simply by observing the things we do around the house. The black German Shepherd in this video has learned how to open the pet gate door! Watch and see! It may have been luck, but you can bet the dog will do it again since he was successful this one time!

Feature Image Source: Giordano Caetano

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