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This Tiny Puppy Was Abandoned Simply Because She Had A Broken Leg

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When Tahini broke her leg shortly before being successfully sold, her breeder surrendered her to the Boston adoption center of the MSPCA. At just 12 weeks old, this husky and Pomeranian mix pup was a rare breed and extremely beautiful, with big blue eyes and gratefulness in her heart.

Tahini’s fractured leg was very painful, but she tried to stay positive throughout. A vet team gave her pain meds and some X-rays, which thankfully showed that no surgery would be needed. So they put a splint on the broken leg and focused on helping her manage the pain.

Every week, Tahini’s bandages are changed and she is checked and evaluated to make sure her healing process is going as planned. So far, it’s all happened very well and she’s recovering!

Plus, even though this is very difficult for her, she has a playful personality and a very sweet demeanor that makes everyone fall in love with her. To her, everything’s a big adventure!

Tahini is now living in a temporary foster home with one of the staff at the adoption center, but she comes in regularly for routine medical checkups. Each time, she greets her old friends with spunkiness and reminds them why they all love her so much! She’s always looking to get attention and love.

The MSPCA has already worked on advertising Tahini for adoption, and to no one’s surprise, more than 100 applications have already poured in for her!

It won’t be long before she’s all healed up and ready to go to the perfect forever home!

Images & Feature Image Source: MSPCA

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