This Video Is Going To Leave You Speechless! Feeding Time Like You've Never Seen Before! - A Dog's Love

This Video Is Going To Leave You Speechless! Feeding Time Like You’ve Never Seen Before!

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Sometimes, just feeding your pups straight out of a dish or a bowl isn’t quite enough. When we get bored of eating the same food over and over again, we can choose to try out different meals instead.

Pups, sadly, don’t really have that option – unless their parent is rich enough to cater to their tastes, that is.

So exactly what can Mom and Dad do to make feeding time a fun, enriching experience? In this Dad’s case, it is to use a Kong Wobbler for Bali the Labrador Retriever’s dinner! Normally, the Kong Wobbler is a feeding toy that is used to give out treats if pushed around correctly. It seems, however, that this toy is used for Bali’s proper dinner instead!

And it seems Bali actually loves the experience! As soon as Dad pulls out the toy, this pup perks his head, giving Dad his full attention. Once Dad sets down the toy on the floor, this pup immediately dashes for it!

Feature Image Source: karsten missot

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