Tiny Pup Teaches Other Rescue Pups To Trust Humans Again

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The dogs in this video all have had a hard life without the love of humans. The brown dog grew up in a pipe with six other dogs – they were all covered in mud when rescued.

The yellow dog ran with a pack of wild dogs (which included her entire family) for more than a year before being captured. All the dogs shown here are at Dog Deserve Better in Smithfield, Va. Feral dogs may never become used to human contact, and they may never learn to trust humans.

None of the dogs were comfortable being touched by people when this video was taken. Seren (aka Serendipity) was introduced to the group after she was rescued from a pen at a local market. Seren showed the bigger dogs that humans are okay! Happily, all the dogs seen here were successfully rehabilitated and adopted into their own forever homes!

Feature Image Source: amyc21

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