Tiny Puppy Abandoned In A Cereal Box Finally Gets The Happy Ending She Deserves - A Dog's Love

Tiny Puppy Abandoned In A Cereal Box Finally Gets The Happy Ending She Deserves

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A tiny little Maltese-Yorkie pup wound up surrendered to the Riverside County Animal Services shelter in a rather unusual carrying device – a small cereal box.

The pup, later named Razz Berry by the shelter, was surrendered by a woman who claimed to have found the pup in a bad state in a park nearby. The pup was completely covered in fleas, and staff couldn’t help wondering if the pup really was found in a park, or if she had, in fact, belonged to the woman who turned her in.

Razz Berry’s flea problem was extreme, but thankfully, it wasn’t anything vets couldn’t take care of. After a little bit of care and some recovery, the pup was feeling a lot better and was showing off her huge levels of energy. She was running everywhere, making friends everywhere she went!

A picture of Razz Berry when she first arrived in the cereal box was posted online by the shelter, and it wasn’t long before it started going viral. That’s when the Sheets family saw it. They had recently lost their precious pup Ginger and realized that Razz Berry could help fill their home again. They thought she could also serve as a companion to their remaining pup, who was also a Maltese-Yorkie mix – Pepper.

So the family applied to adopt the pup, but they were just one of tens and tens of other interested individuals. The shelter couldn’t choose who the pup should go to, as so many of their applications were potentially good homes. They decided to hold a lottery to see who would get to bring the pup home – and the Sheets family won the lottery! They were so overjoyed they even shed a few tears!

Razz Berry was very happy to have found her new home, and she was perfectly content cuddling into the arms of her new family. She’s looking forward to her brand new life!

Images & Feature Image Source: Riverside County Animal Services

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