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Toxic Plant Nearly Kills Two Dogs In San Diego

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Succulents are one of the easiest plants to grow. Designed to withstand the harsh conditions of a desert environment, succulents need little water and are pleasingly low maintenance.

All the more reason for us to have them around. As most of us suspect succulents to be harmless, juicy plants, this is not always the case. Dog mom, Amy Kat, experienced the realities thereof with the scare of her life. One afternoon, Amy Kat came home to find her two canine companions is extremely bad shape.

The two devoted dogs appeared to be very ill and on closer inspection, Amy saw plant sap on the skin of one dog. When she wiped the sap off, her devoted dog’s skin came off with it. She then knew the situation was serious and immediately took them to the emergency room. After arrival and investigation, it turns out that the cause of the intense reaction was a fire succulent plant.

The sap of these plants is reported to be extremely toxic in both animals and humans when ingested. The juices are highly acidic, which is why it burnt their skin so badly. Thankfully, both her boys are fighters and strong spirited dogs. They fought with all they have to stay alive and managed to survive the ordeal.

Amy Kat says she had no idea that the species of succulent was so toxic! She is grateful she did not lose her devoted dogs and stresses the importance of educating yourself on the plants around you and your canine companions.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

Images Source: Facebook/Amy Kat

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