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Two Adorable Pups Have Become Parents To… Cute Baby Chickens!

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Some pups are just naturally very gentle and patient. When you see these pups, you can easily understand why Nana the Saint Bernard was the children’s babysitter in Disney’s Peter Pan!

You should never leave pups unsupervised with small animals or children, but you can see why people used to think it was fine!

Jax and Chewie the German Shepherds are great examples of this. Recently, their parents have successfully hatched a whole cluster of chicks! Now these two pups have to help raise these nine newborn chicks, and do their best to babysit them whenever possible. After all, they are good pups that just want to help Dad and Mom!

For the most part, their babysitting duties largely consist of the pups simply watching over these fluffy little birds and making sure they don’t get into trouble. It’s clear these two pups adore the chicks – they may not understand what they are, but they know that they love them!

Feature Image Source: The Dodo

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