Wait Till You See How This Pup Desperately Tries To Scratch Off Carboard Print!

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Do you ever buy something for your pup, but find them much more interested in the packaging that it came in?

This two-month-old dachshund pup has just received a new kennel in the mail, but she is more fascinated by its box than the product itself!

To be specific, this pups is transfixed by the designs and drawings on the box, as she thinks that look very nice and would like to play with them. So she does what she can – she tries her best to scratch off the print on the top of the box in hopes it will come off! She scratches with all her might, paws moving in a fury, but it seems like that print is not planning on moving. Oh dear!

It might be a fruitless task, but you can’t say she isn’t giving it her all and trying her very best. What a determined pup! Don’t forget to like and share!

Feature Image Source: Doxie_Pom

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