Wait Till You See How This Adorable Pup Makes It Clear He Wants To Chill!

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Ever been so exhausted that all you want to do is laze around all day, doing nothing? That’s what this pup wants to do, and we’ve never been more jealous of the free time he has to do just that!

This Labrador puppy has just woken up from a nice, long nap. He finds himself lying on the black sofa of his home, but he’s still feeling drowsy and is more than a little grumpy at waking up. If he had his way, he drops right back off to Dreamland right now, no hesitation! How is he still so tired after already having a good nap, we’re not sure, but it’s cute to see!

Is this funny video relatable or what? We completely feel you, pup! Sometimes, just one nap is simply not enough. This pup might need to have another snooze after this to get his energy back up even higher! Good luck with that, pup; it’s a noble cause to fight, indeed!

Feature Image Source: FunnyPetVideos

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