Wait Till You See The Size Of The Stick This Pup Is Holding – You’ll Be Amazed!

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We’re always amazed by our dogs’ ability to turn every single object into a toy and every activity into a fun game! This adorable lab is the living proof of this as he amuses himself and his family endlessly, finding a log on his morning swim.

Gus is clearly an experienced swimmer, as his paddles are very controlled and calm. He’s also wearing a lifejacket – very good safety habits! The pup can’t believe his amazing luck when he finds a floating stick nearby and grabs it happily, dragging it back to his family to show off. Now, if that was just a normal stick, that wouldn’t be so spectacular. But Gus has a chunk of tree at least five times longer than his own body!

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Feature Image Source: Caters_News

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