Wait Why Is This Adorable Pup's Muzzle Pink? Wait Till You See Why! - A Dog's Love

Wait Why Is This Adorable Pup’s Muzzle Pink? Wait Till You See Why!

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Kids can get pretty protective of their stuff. This is especially so if it was something that they had really wanted for ages, and now they finally own! If we can get possessive of our own special belongings, then of course kids can feel the same way.

And considering just how passionate children can be, it is no surprise just how this little girl named Chloe becomes quite insistent in drawing a confession out of Cali the English Bulldog! She is taking this quite seriously too – not only is the whole interrogation session being conducted at a desk with some office chairs, it is even being recorded too!

In this video, Chloe fiercely demands Cali answer the question – did she or did she not eat the mood color-changing lipstick? Unfortunately, it seems that Chloe can’t really quite get an answer out of Cali – she looks vaguely puzzled at all that is going on. Maybe she isn’t the guilty party after all!


Feature Image Source: Lacey Clark

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