Watch How This Adorable (And Sneaky) Pup Steals Food From Baby’s High Chair!

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Hidden cameras are all around us. They help keep us safe and monitor the goings on of our neighborhood, cities, and homes.

Some people have cameras set up in their homes as part of their home security system. Or, they have a nanny cam set up to watch what happens when they are not around. The hidden camera in the house shown in the video below caught a thief! A four-legged, furry thief by the name of Daisy.

Daisy, the beagle, is not about to let the uneaten food from the toddler high chair go to waste! She also looks like she doesn’t miss many meals! Anyway, Daisy uses the couch next to the high chair to get right up to the tray to enjoy her snack! She takes some back to the couch to enjoy and afterward goes back to lick the tray!

Feature Image Source: Irene Baleno

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