Watch How Father And Son Wrestle Over A Tennis Ball! This Is Just Too Cute!

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Wrestling, so called, professional wrestling is a high dollar event. Most of us realize that those events are just staged to look like real contests.

When you go to an amateur wrestling match, then you see people doing it for real. Kids may wrestle at home too – it is a way to get things that you want or to just have fun. It can also be a power struggle thing to see who is stronger. In this video, Barney, the older dog, and his son, Clyde, are wrestling over a well-used tennis ball.

Clyde is wearing his red Christmas sweater and has dad pinned to the floor! Or maybe, dad is just laying there hoping Clyde will come over and try to get the ball from him. The video is very short, and we don’t get to see too much of the match. Who do you think will win the match and get the ball?

Feature Image Source: barney_and_clyde

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