Watch How Hard This Ferret Tries To Grab The Pup's Attention! - A Dog's Love

Watch How Hard This Ferret Tries To Grab The Pup’s Attention!

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Did you know that ferrets are actually domesticated? Ferrets aren’t exactly the first thing you think of when someone brings up the subject of a house pet, but it turns out that they aren’t actually exotic animals. They have been domesticated for perhaps over 2,500 years!

So perhaps it shouldn’t be such a huge surprise for visitors when they come to visit Storm the German Shepherd pup, only to find that she has a companion in the form of a ferret named Rayne! Rayne was recently brought into and introduced to Storm as her big sibling. Now, it seems that this ferret is now full of love and adoration for her big sister!

Storm, meanwhile, hasn’t quite figured out exactly how she should interact with this tiny, hyperactive little thing that isn’t quite a puppy. Sure, Rayne wants to play, but just how is Storm supposed to play with her without hurting her?

Feature Image Source: Ms. Vickie B

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