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Watch How These Adorable Pups Find A Sunpatch With Mamma!

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According to our calendars, spring is on its way, and it certainly can’t come soon enough! Snow is beautiful and all, but short, dreary days with little to no sunshine quickly takes its toll on our mental health. And, as it turns out, pups do miss the sun too!

The day starts out with Birdie the English Bulldog up and about before sunrise, already excited and ready to play with one of her favorite toys. Lincoln, in comparison, is a little more sleepy, but still gets up to greet Mom before she heads off to work.

After she gets back home in the evening, it is time to head out into the garden to get the last few rays of sunshine before the sun sets for the day. Out on the grass, the two pups found a warm patch of sunlight. After wandering around and stretching their legs for a bit, they both flop over to doze off under the sun!

Feature Image Source: Lincoln’s World

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