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Watch How These Two Pups Play With Each Other In The House!

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Moms and Dads who are used to raising two pups or more at a time, you will find that after a while they will become bonded! And it is such a wonderful thing to see, since these pups will become inseparable as a result! Truly, they become the closest of friends.

Unfortunately, building that relationship takes time. Time isn’t a problem for this French Bulldog named Laverne, however – she absolutely adores her older sister, 8-year-old Lucy the English Bulldog! In fact, this puppy wants to play with her right here, right now, in the kitchen!

Alas for Laverne, Lucy is too old and too tired to keep up with her friskier younger sibling. Instead of accepting the play invitation, she ignores it and continues to lie down on the floor. It gets harder and harder to ignore her sister over time though – Laverne is determined to play with her big sister!

Feature Image Source: Kellie Flanery

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