Watch How These Two Siblings Share Every Milestone Together! - A Dog's Love

Watch How These Two Siblings Share Every Milestone Together!

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We love dogs with every bit of our hearts. They are our children. Sometimes, when the human children join the family, many are having a second thought asking themselves how safe would it be to have a dog around a newborn baby? 

If any of you ever had any doubts about that, this video about true and pure love of a loving dog and newborn baby and their growing up together will reassure that there is no such bond as the bond between a dog and a child.

The images of the video start with the newborn baby coming home and the little dog just sniffing and inspecting the newcomer to the house as if he was just trying to decide is that maybe a future new best friend that arrived? And indeed it was.

Starting with the very first moment they met, their bed-sharing and the pup faithfully and patiently guarding his little human brother, a little human hand laid on the little paw as they nap together, their first games and mischief, the very first sloppy kisses, the baby’s first crawl and the dog’s patient determination to help him learn to walk; all of these images will just not leave you indifferent. When it was time for the little boy to start talking, it was not a surprise that his very first word was “Jax”, the little pup’s name.

If you would ever again have any doubts about joining the dog and the newborn in the same house, this video will make sure you know exactly why the best thing you can do is to let the child and the dog grow up together!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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