Watch How This Adorable Pup Carries Her Prized Possession Like A Boss!

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We all know that snow is just frozen rain. It falls from the sky in the winter and often makes our lives a little more complicated!

Schools close and people act like they have no idea how to drive safely. Depending on how much snow you get and where you live, you may have piles of the white stuff on the ground for some time. There is also a well-known rule about not eating the yellow snow!

But, what about a block of snow that is only slightly brown? Is that okay to eat? Well, it depends, if you are human, then you should probably refrain from eating it. But a dog will probably munch away! Like this adorable German Shepherd! She found a block of ice at the other end of the street and carried it all the way back! She is going to sit down now and have a little snack!

Feature Image Source: ellabella

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