Watch How This Adorable Pup Gently Plays With A Tiny Bunny! - A Dog's Love

Watch How This Adorable Pup Gently Plays With A Tiny Bunny!

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Introducing two animals to each other is always a situation that is fraught with danger, but also full of opportunity! After all, it is always interesting to see just what sort of interactions will arise from these two animals meeting.

And it is always even more interesting when the animals are from two different species!

Bunnies are prey animals that are usually very easily frightened, but it seems that this French Lop bunny named Chowder is a lot braver than her new friend! When set down on the sofa to greet Pudge the English Bulldog, Pudge looks quite surprised at this sudden newcomer.

When Chowder tries to hop on closer for a better look at this new friend, it actually startles Pudge! The pup starts hopping backwards, trying to get away from the bunny. It seems that he has no idea what to make of this strange creature that he has just met!

Feature Image Source: Rumble Viral

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