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Watch How This Adorable Pup Gets Jealous Of A Stuffed Toy!

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Dogs can get jealous over a lot of different things. This can be about toys or even family and friends. Sadie the golden retriever has been trying to learn how to be less possessive over those she loves, but it’s a difficult process!

When a new stuffed dog toy is gifted to her, she immediately becomes wary about how much her Mommy likes the toy.

When Mommy holds the toy and pets it on the head, calling it a “good girl” and her bestie, the pup begins to glower dejectedly. She doesn’t like how much attention the toy is getting. When Mommy doesn’t stop petting it and praising it, Sadie snaps and leaps forward, grabbing the toy fiercely in her teeth and pulling it safely away from her Mom.

What a naughty pup! It’s a good thing Sadie’s new friend is just a toy… To a pup, their Mommies and Daddies are their humans, and no one else is entitled to our attention as much as they are!

Feature Image Source: The Dodo

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