Watch How This Adorable Pup Learns How To Dive For The First Time… Awww!

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Pool days are always fun for pooches of all breeds and sizes – especially when they get to learn a new skill! Buddy is a gorgeous 9-year old goldie, who’s only just learned how to swim, and it’s now time to practice diving too!

Buddy is a bit unsure first, as his mom encourages him with his favorite ball. A few times he’s beaten by his other furry friends, just because he’s a bit hesitant with getting into the water. However, with a little more encouragement, Buddy jumps into the water and starts swimming confidently, catching the ball for himself.

The good goldie gets a lot of praise from his mom for being a very brave and good boy! Does your pup enjoy diving or swimming Рand how did you teach them those skills! Make sure to like and share this video with your friends and inspire them to take their pooch out on a pool day!

Feature Image Source: Storyful

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