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Watch How This Adorable Pup Mistakes His Sibling’s Leg For A Tasty Bone!

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Have you ever gotten so thoroughly carried away with doing something that you become incredibly absent-minded in the process?

We have all been there before, and it can be embarrassing or catastrophic when you get shaken out of such a state suddenly! Sure, you get things done with a single-minded focus, but is it really worth the lack of awareness?

These two Golden Retriever pups are having a wonderful time chewing up some bones. Bones can be pretty tasty, so it is easy to see why one of these pups is completely preoccupied with gnawing away at his. And let’s be honest – what pup wouldn’t be?

Except that this pup gets so preoccupied with chewing his bone, he accidentally chomps down on his friend’s leg instead! His friend, in shock and horror, leaps up and away from the pup. That must have been a pretty nasty surprise for this pup – all he wanted to do was chew on a bone, not on a friend!

Feature Image Source: Rumble Viral

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