Watch How This Adorable Pup Reacts Seeing Foster Mom After 1 Long Year!

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Being a foster parent to a dog or cat in need has many rewards. You get to take in an animal that needs your help. You love them, play with them, nurture them and watch them grow.

Your foster animal will love you too! The goal of being a foster is that a forever home is found for the animal and you will turn them over to their new family. That is probably the hardest part of being a foster! But, you can foster more animals after some find forever homes. The woman in this video fosters animals.

We don’t know how long she fostered the German shepherd, but they haven’t seen each other for one year. The German shepherd is obviously very happy to see her foster mom – and the feeling is mutual! This video should be an ad used to recruit foster parents! Who wouldn’t want this much love?!

Feature Image Source: Non-monetized channels 7

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