Watch How This Adorable Pup Whines About Her Day To Her Mommy!

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Our pups can become our closest friends. When you think about it, that makes a lot of sense! We spend a lot of our time with them, and to our pups, we’re the ones who care for them, feed them, and give them lots of love and affection.

No wonder a bond forms so naturally between a pup and their parents.

Echo the German shepherd pup has one such bond with her Mommy, which is why she feels that she can always confide in her, no matter what. She loves talking to Mommy about all the problems in her life and daily stress involved with being a dog! She’ll lie on the bed with Mom and whine, yip, and cry, letting out all her complaints about her days.

Mommy loves listening to Echo vent, and she always gives her a nice consoling pat on the head afterwards. That helps Echo feel much better!

Feature Image Source: NicoleMaisey

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