Watch How This Baby Reacts When This Adorable Pup Attempts To Catch Popcorn!

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It can be hard sometimes to get babies to laugh, or even just to get their attention. Not all babies are eager to giggle and easy to please, and I remember being told that I was quite a grumpy baby myself! But if even a rattle doesn’t put a smile on a baby’s face, maybe it’s time to get a pup involved – they always win a little one’s heart!

This German Shepherd pup entertains his little (human) sister by catching popcorn in his mouth! Dad tosses popcorn into the air and he catches with his muzzle. The young girl finds this so amusing that she simply can’t stop laughing! Even her vibrantly colored baby walker, covered in jingly toys, could not make the baby happier than her adorable knight in soft and cozy fur.

The super cute giggly laughs are so satisfying to see and hear. Dad continues to toss popcorns and our pup catches all of them effortlessly, making sure the baby is herself enjoying too!

Feature Image Source: AFVVirals

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