Watch The Incredible Moment When A Puppy Was Resuscitated After House Fire

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Buster, a black Labrador puppy, was in a flat in Birmingham, West Mids, when a fire broke out in the kitchen. Buster inhaled some smoke and was unconscious when the firefighters pulled him out.

Three firefighters used a special oxygen machine to revive him! The machine is a special animal therapy unit that has an oxygen mask designed for pets! The firefighters gave the puppy ear rubs and head rubs as they gave him the oxygen. In just 40 seconds, Buster was conscious and giving his rescuers well-deserved kisses! The video comes to us from the Billesley Fire station located in the West Midlands.

It was posted on their Twitter page. Buster’s mom, Chantelle Brabington, were soon reunited! Watch the video to see the drama unfold! Even though you know he will pull through, watching the video is intense! This life-saving equipment should be required on all fire trucks! Pets lives matter!

Feature Image Source: Caters_News

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