Watch What Happens When Mom Tells Her Adorable Pups It's Time To Wake Dad Up! - A Dog's Love

Watch What Happens When Mom Tells Her Adorable Pups It’s Time To Wake Dad Up!

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Who needs alarm clocks when you have pups? If you ever have difficulty getting up in the morning after turning off your alarm, maybe having these pups around will help you. After all, they know that breakfast is served by Mom and Dad – but only after they get out of bed!

These German Shepherds are pretty patient, but their patience only stretches out so much. As soon as Mom announces it is time to wake Dad up for breakfast, these pups leap into action without a second’s hesitation! They start barking and howling, and quickly dash up the stairs!

They need a little help getting into the bedroom, but luckily Mom was there to let them in. As soon as the door is open, these pups run straight on in and leap up onto the figure in the bed, barking all the while. No going back to sleep now – it is time to get up and eat!

Feature Image Source: Rumble Viral

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