Watch What This Pup Does When He’s Not Ready To Go Home!

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Temper tantrums are never pretty. Children will have a tantrum when they are not getting what they want. Having a tantrum at home is one thing, but when you are out in public, everyone stares!

It is humiliating, and you do what you can to get out of there as fast as you can! Dogs can have tantrums too! Sometimes, the hardest part of a puppy tantrum is controlling your laughter! Dogs can’t talk, but they do know what they want and how to let you know! The golden retriever in the video below is Baloo, and he lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with his family.

Baloo had been enjoying a lovely day at the park when suddenly, it was time to leave. Baloo simply didn’t want to go – so what is a dog supposed to do? Well, you lay on the ground and don’t move! Baloo’s mom is having a hard time not laughing! Enjoy!

Feature Image Source: buzzvideos

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