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What Causes Anxiety In Dogs?

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Just like us, our devoted dogs can become anxious too. When we become frightened or stressed, we find ourselves in a state of panic and distress.

The same goes for dogs, and there are various triggers for this anxiety. It can include anything from fear caused by loud noises, thunderstorms, or unfamiliar sounds, to separation anxiety, and even illness or injury. When we read this, it becomes clear that our canine companions are not so different from us after all! But how can we know when they are anxious? And what can we do to ease their anxiety? Here are useful tips for us to follow:

Identifying anxiety and treating it

Anxiety can be difficult to pick up on, but it tends to reveal itself through abnormal behavior. If anybody knows their canine companion the best, it would be you. So, you will know if they are acting strangely or differently to their usual selves. Any excessive behavior (such as excessive barking or repetition-type movement) and accidents in the house could be an indicator that your fur baby is experiencing anxiety.

Because this condition shows up differently in our dogs, one cannot say for sure how your dog will respond. Keep a watchful eye if you notice a significant change in mood or behavior, and if you are worried, take your precious pooch to get checked out by a professional. Thankfully, there are a few methods you could try to treat your dog’s anxious state, such as massage techniques, natural products, and various vet prescribed medications.

Preventing anxiety

Absolute prevention of anxiety is never a guarantee, but there are certain things you can do to make the feelings that bring on anxiety easier to cope with. Socializing your perfect pooch with others is a good way to help them cope, as well as trying out types of obedience training!

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