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What Does Your Pup Do When You’re Working? Look At This Pup!

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Pups are social animals, and thus have social needs as well! While some of our pups may be independent and be perfectly alright with being on their own, others crave our attention and affection at all times. As cute as this behavior can be, it often can make it difficult to get work done around the house!

Bailey the Golden Retriever is pretty famous, thanks to the YouTube channel that his Dad helps maintain. But in order to appease his adoring fans, videos must be filmed, and then later edited for viewing – all important work that requires time and concentration on Dad’s part. Alas, this pup doesn’t really care about that.

Instead, he wants his Dad’s attention! At first, he tries to get it by resting his chin on Dad’s knee. This doesn’t work, however, so it is time to escalate matters. Will Dad finally pay attention to him if he climbs up onto his lap?

Feature Image Source: Funny Dog Bailey

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