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What Happen When You Hold Your Pup’s Tail For Too Long?! Check This Out!

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Meme videos are pretty funny to watch – who hasn’t found themselves amused by the captions telling us what a pup’s thoughts are? No wonder these types of videos are fairly popular across the internet – and thanks to content creators like this parent, we get to see more of them!

In this video, Cali the Dachshund is going to be bothered by her parents for the meme once again – this time, her parent is going to play with her tail and see how long it takes before Cali gets annoyed by it! (Poor Cali – why can’t it be another food challenge? At least she gets something yummy out of those.)

Much to Dad’s surprise, Cali doesn’t really seem to mind – especially when Dad scratches the end of it for her, relieving and itch she could never quite get to! In fact, it seems that she quite enjoys the whole experience. Maybe she just really enjoys personal attention like this!

Feature Image Source: Dharmit Asavla

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